Green MEP José Bové on the farmers protest in front of the European Parliament

28 novembre 2012

Today, hundreds of tractors and thousands of farmers have descended on Brussels to say that their situation isn’t sustainable.

Many farmers today are no longer able to make a living. The milk price imposed on farmers by the industry doesn’t even allow them to cover their costs.

There is no longer any control over supply and demand which means that many farmers are going bankrupt.

The European Parliament’s social democrat and EPP majority is co-responsible for this situation because the Parliament has refused to reconsider the scrapping of milk quotas
so we as the Green group are here in support of the farmers.

We’re fighting by their side to ensure their demands are heard in the European Parliament and we’re also by their side here on Place du Luxembourg to show our support as well as the support of all EU citizens who think that the EU has no future without a viable agricultural sector.

For our leaflet on a REAL reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (EN/DE/FR)


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